Priyanka Gyanchandani

I had been experiencing hormonal issues since long. In the period of lockdown and social distancing I wanted to ensure that I am healthy and strong from within. So I enrolled for Balance Hormones Naturally Plan from Strong Healthy Women for 3 months after my friend’s recommendation.
I used to be moody and sluggish sort of person who never wanted to come out her comfort zone. However, the plan was customised in such a way that I was in love with it. Within a month of following the plan I could see my hormones getting balanced and clothes were becoming loose.
In 3 months I lost 7kgs and 4inches from the waistline. This has been magnificent experience to cherish. Thank you Puneet ma’am for all your guidance. The best part is I could eat whatever was prepared at home and never ate any fancy foods.

Sanjoo Saini

I am thankful to Puneet for giving me constant motivation while I was following the 3 months Fat Loss, Strengthen and Tone Fitness plan. I am working with hectic schedule and got used to the plan within a week. The diet was everyday food nothing fancy or expensive. I also got motivated to cook daily. Now my skin is good and 80% of acne is gone. I lost 6kgs and 4inches from waist with better muscle mass. I feel much more energetic now. Thanks for guiding me that I don't have to eat less but eat right nutritious food.

Navneet Sohal

I choose 6 months Overall Wellness Plan. Within a month of following the plan I could feel the changes like my skin started glowing, clothes were becoming lose with better energy levels throughout the day that too without any tea or coffee.
The best part is I am no more addicted to caffeine.
I have lost a lot of inches while gaining muscle mass.
Things I still implement after the plan is working out daily. I used to hate exercising before starting the plan but this plan has helped me to fall in love with working out. Sleeping and waking consistently and mindful eating are my key takeaways.


Thank you Puneet, through your right guidance now I know which foods are best suited for my body. I have more energy than I can remember having since before becoming a mom. Now I am able to sleep better than ever before. Moreover my periods are now almost painless and becoming better each month. I feel so much good throughout the day and now I am able to manage work and family without being exhausted

Samridhi Gupta

I had a great experience with my Weight Management plan I was a gym freak till 2 years back but couldn't work out after that coz of my super hectic schedule in post-graduation. I started gaining weight during the past year and I also felt my metabolism has grown weaker I tried multiple diets like keto, fasting etc etc but of no use at all..
Then i came across Strong Healthy Women and knowing Puneet since school time as my roller skating partner, i knew how determined and hardworking she is, i went for the 3 months plan And I must say I was surprised to see the significant inch loss of around 4 inches in all body dimensions with a 6 kg weight loss in just 2 months.. I felt more energetic with a good metabolism.. I didn't feel tired at all during my hectic duties along with regular workout I could eat almost everything i loved.. There was no "dieting" as i was eating 6-7 times a day and still losing fat.. The stubborn fat and the extra kilos were dissolving away like never before.
My family and colleagues really appreciated my fat loss progress. It has been a great journey And must say.. Even when i couldn't keep up with the diet coz of my exams and duties and i gave up on the diet, Puneet never gave up on me.. She tries her best to make the plan according to your routine and eating preferences.. I recommend everyone to go for her nutrition plans in case you are finding it difficult to shed fat.. She is the right person for it with no long hours of workout or stressing out your body by starvation Thank you Puneet for this wonderful experience.. Even now that I cannot follow the plan completely coz of my exams, i feel my metabolism has improved and you have taught me some really important tips to take care of our bodies.. I can't wait to take more nutrition plans from you after my exams 🤗

Manjeet Sial

I joined for Strong Healthy Women Post Menopause Health Management 3 months plan. I had never joined anything like this before.. With my age at 59 and with menopause I always believed it was impossible to lose weight. But thanks to Puneet and her awesome health plan I was able to lose 7.5kgs in 3 months....My craving for sweets also reduced. Her motivation n guidance helped me to stay fit n I never felt starved. Thank you once again Puneet for guiding me so well

Preeti Singh

At the outset I would like to thank Puneet for her professionalism n valuable advice/guidance for the treatment of my more than a decade long persisting acne problem.... As per her advice I incorporated some life style changes n made it a point to eat only home-cooked food....
After taking the diet I lost 4kgs of my weight as well as lost 4 inches from my waistline which was remarkable... 6 months Overall Wellness customised plan not only cured my acne problem but overall also it improved my health as now I feel more energetic and light..
Thanks once again Puneet for helping me to get rid of my problem n improving my overall health as well as making me more confident n happy


Losing stubborn with Diabetes is NOT an easy task. My experience with Strong Healthy Women’s 6 months of Diabetes Management Plan has been excellent. Within a month my blood glucose levels improved. Once I started to follow the plan, I started feeling sooo much better just in a couple of days. The plan was customised in such a way that I could easily exercise. I managed to reverse insulin resistance, lose 13kgs and 7inches in 6 months. There was not even a single day when I had to starve myself while following the plan.

Anu Ghadge

Thank you Puneet di for your PCOS and Hormonal Balance plan.. It have help me a lot....I can see improvement in my overall health.... now I don't suffer from mood swings, have lost inches and my energy levels are high. I don't feel low anymore. There is less hair growth on chin area and periods are regular now. Your customised plan has reversed my PCOS while shedding loads of inches... This is an excellent progress for me. Till now I follow everything that you thought. Thank you so much

Kanika Chopra

I am so grateful to god that I got in touch with you Puneet. My health and fitness journey for the last 6 months has been amazing. I had aspired to lose weight, lose all the extra fat and regain good health. Your Overall Wellness Plan have truly helped me beyond my wildest dreams.
I lost 15kgs and overall more than 18 inches. All this achieved with desi ghee, wheat, rice, homemade desserts in my customised plan. I never felt any weakness or experienced any fatigue for even a single day. It has been exhilarating. I definitely feel more confident and good about myself.
The compliments I receive are THE ULTIMATE! Your constant guidance and feedback shows how dedicated you are towards your cause, infinite gratitude for this unbelievable and beautiful journey.

Anita Dwivedi

At an age of 56 and post menopause I never thought I will be able to lose weight. I tried doing it on my own but never succeeded. A friend of mine Manjeet Sial motivated me. I am glad I decided to get in touch with you Puneet. A few months of following your Customised Post-Menopausal Health Management plan have led to a tremendous improvement in my quality of life. Daily tasks that seemed too tiring have now become much easier to accomplish and I feel much healthier.
I lost 10kgs and 13inches overall in 3 months. Your constant guidance and motivation helped me throughout. At times I felt hungry but your proper guidance helped me to get over it. There were no special supplements just proper food in proper amounts and proper time helped me to achieve this.
The time when i joined the program my uric acid level was high. I was on medication for the same. Within these three months uric acid became normal and today I am COMPLETELY OFF the medicines.
I am highly thankful to you. I will be Glad to continue this journey with you later also.

Vaishali Bhandawat

When I joined Strong Healthy Women I was very skeptical as I have never joined anything online...I had a chat with Puneet and it felt right to join so I joined when she sent me my customised plan I was very shocked because it doesn't looked like I was dieting, the kind of food she has added were great... My biggest challenge was that I am the one who goes to kitchen every 10 min but I stopped doing that within a week of following the plan.... I never felt like I was hungry....gradually all my cravings are gone....I have a sweet tooth and that was taken care in my plan... With 6 months of following Overall Wellness Plan, I was able to get rid of my everyday thyroid pill thus REVERSING THYROD naturally. My hormones got balanced, periods became painless and this customised plan helped me to REVERSE PCOS naturally while losing loads of inches and all the stubborn fat. If you want a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet then you should go for it because she will give you best plans and challenging exercise schedule to push your limits.

Deepika Chopra

I enrolled for Puneet’s customised plan under recommendation from my family member who had already lost tremendous amount of weight and unnecessary fat under her guidance … I also joined her and saw amazing results on my body… inch wise I lost a lot of inches even though I had knee issues where I could not work out at all… the best part was - my fear of ghee is totally gone!!! I saw a remarkable difference in hair loss, my hair are voluminous and lustrous than ever before. Also as I was eating well-balanced meals, I feel happy to have adopted a cleaner lifestyle. She is always so prompt and patient to answer all doubts and personally keeps taking updates even if you miss giving her one! I will highly recommend her to everyone who wants to eat healthy, be health, get toned and lose weight!

Hassini Venu

I have good inch loss and increase in metabolism rate. I have very good energy now compared to before starting your Customised Hormonal Balance plan. The thyroid mood swings have been controlled and better now.
Overall good inch-loss and got rid of the everyday thyroid pill. Thank you for all your support and guidance due to which I'm able to REVERSE THYROID naturally, have painless periods, achieved my fitness goals and able to live a stress free life – all this achieved in just 6 months.

Kirti Singh

I started my fitness journey in Jan2020. I was detected with menorrhea and my gynecologist suggested me to take help of a health coach. I used to get migraine attacks during my period and used feel tired all day. Making meals for my family was a difficult task for me. Initially my goal was only my health not weight though I was 10kgs overweight. So I took 3 months plan. But when I started my Customised Overall Wellness plan, I noticed positive changes within myself and lost 4kgs in a month only. Then I decided to go for 6 months plan. In these 6 months we all went in lockdown but that thing didn't affect my plan. My energy level increased and my skin is glowing from within with no more acne or its marks. My periods are normal, no pain or uneasiness at all. I have learnt the right way of eating and leading a healthy lifestyle. And the best part is, it is very easy to follow and everything is easily available. We don't need to go to the mall or search online as we get everything in nearby grocery store. Having home cooked meal as per our liking and no fancy food items which sometimes I see other nutritionists suggest. In this journey I have reached my ideal weight 58kgs from 68kgs (that was dream for me) and lost 6 inches from my waist and 4"each from top and bottom. Now I am fitting into my clothes which were just lying from last 7 years. And some of them are little loose too! Last but not least a big thanks to you Puneet for helping me out and patiently answering all my queries. Though I have completed my 6 month plan still I am following the same routine because I feel more than satisfied.


I am a grandmamma who never thought will be able to lose weight. It was definitely challenging however, Puneet's constant guidance helped to make this impossible, possible for me! I lost 24kgs and 16inches in about 2 years with better sleep, better metabolism and high energy levels without any starvation that too while eating all meals with snacks. Thank you Puneet, by virtue of your right guidance now I know which foods are best suited for my health and wellness.

Alka Mathur

Strong Healthy Women has been one of the best things that have happened in my life. Before this, I had tried a lot of Diets, which have disturbed me a number of times as I used to get upset about not able to achieve my goals. However, all thanks to Puneet who helped me a lot and always motivated me. I weighed 59kg when I started with the plan. In 3months I have lost 7kgs and a wonderful inch loss especially from the butt, which has always been my problem area. My journey was magnificent. The Weight Management Plan with Workout Guidance has definitely got the magic to reach your dream Fitness goals

Pamsy Singh

An easy to follow Customised Weight Management Plan by Puneet has worked wonders. She understood all of my needs and made this plan very much follow-able. She helped me to break the weight loss plateau. The best part is, NO MORE bloating and have got rid of my love handles. Now there aren't any hunger prangs and I don't binge eat anymore. Never thought all this will ever happen. The way I look now has boosted my confidence. This is a Health Transformational Plan which one must go for if you want to be a healthier and fitter version of you.

Shubhangi Gupta

I am a mother of 2 kids and have been struggling with PCOS from last 12 years. Not to forget the tough time i had while conceiving, the stress and weight gain that came along with PCOS. I am glad that I came across Strong Healthy Women on Instagram and thanks to you Puneet for reversing my PCOS and balancing hormones NATURALLY.
In the process of conceiving through IVF, being pregnant twice and not to forget PCOS, I gained lots and loads of weight.
I started my journey with Puneet from June 2020 and she customized PCOS and Hormonal Balance Plan for me. In 11 months, I lost 18kgs and 9 inches from my waist I'm still continuing with her program as I enjoy the way she guides
Strong Healthy Women has helped me to learn how to eat mindfully.
Now I look forward for better health rather than just losing weight. Puneet has also helped me to get through the day without a cup of tea or coffee. This is what I loved the most as I was addicted to caffeine.
Receiving compliments like I don't look as if I am a mother of twokids, boosts my confidence. Signing up for Puneet's Program for Balancing the Hormones was best decision I have ever made. She customised plan for me in such a great way that I could easily stick to it while taking care of family
This plan helped me to lose weight, lose fat, reverse PCOS, regular period, better skin, much better energy levels, no more PMS, no more facial hair, no more mood swings, no more migraine. And all this without any supplements I will certainly follow this lifestyle even after the program gets over. Thanks a million Puneet.

Sonakshi Maan

Being a new mom I couldn't find any time to have my breakfast. Thanks to you Puneet for your guidance on how essential it was for me to have breakfast and customizing the plan that can be easily followed. It's been a splendid experience. Your mantra to Eat Right has proved to be a boon for me. The post-natal care plan that you customised for me was enjoyed by my family as well. Now I know all the necessary basics. All I want to say is that you are capable of transforming every women into her best form, with simplest of tools available around.

Rajeshwari Sood

I enrolled for Puneets Strengthen and Tone Customised Plan in March, 2021 and have been making progress just by making simple changes since then. Almost a year with Puneet, have enhanced my relationship with food and exercise and given me tremendous results. Have experienced a lot of positive changes with glowing skin, I dont feel like wearing make-up anymore. Now I have lots of energy for hiking, trekking and all sort of adventure.

Yashika Kalra

My experience with Strong Healthy Women has been marvelous. Before joining I used to workout but could hardly lose any weight, uff that stubborn fat. Once I started to follow the customised Strength and Tone Plan, I started feeling so much better just in a couple of days. My toned body and better skin was very much noticed by people. This is like my dream coming true. Never imagined that strengthening and toning myself could be this easy while having my favourite foods. A big thanks to you Puneet.

Sadaf Malik

Hi, I am Sadaf and I came to know about Puneet through Instagram. I was having digestive issues since 12 years and was anemic with hemoglobin levels 8 since 3 years. From last two years used to feel bloated a lot. I spoke with Puneet regarding the same and her customised Overall Wellness plan helped me out with all these issues. After 10 months of following the plan, my HB levels reached 12, without any supplements. It has been a journey of 10 months and I can't thank enough for this life saving change. Till date, I have lost 16kgs and dropped from size XL to S. Moreover, now I feel lighter, energetic with a different perspective to lifestyle now. Feel like moving/ getting up whenever I had sat for long. Thanks a ton for this. My journey doesn't end with this. It is just the beginning.



Consultation and Plans to be healthiest you

Puneet has worked with clients from all walks of life and of all ages: be it a businesswoman or a homemaker, teenage girls or teenage boys, young and older adults. With her right guidance, women in over 15 countries have regained health while toning their physique and balancing hormones at the same time. They are able to manage work and family without being exhausted. She strongly believes that the word “diet” does NOT mean starvation. Yes, they do eat all the three main meals as well as snacks, in the right proportions thereby having a sustainable change.

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