Our present-day lifestyle patterns have started to take an enormous toll on our health. It is mainly because of unhealthy lifestyle, stress and low activity in everyday life which creates a hormonal imbalance.

If your hormones are not in balance, you may get menstrual problems, fertility issues, difficulty in sleeping and ya not to forget THAT weight gain.
Your hormones keep on changing as per in which phase you are in the menstrual cycle, how stressed have you been lately, when and what you last ate, how well you slept and much more. Our body produces more than 50 hormones! Any sort of imbalance can give you those annoying mood swings and bad PMS.
Not getting your hormones back in balance for over a time may give rise to cholesterol levels, low energy levels, lack of sleep, obesity, osteoporosis, PCOS, thyroid, infertility and more.

Balance Hormones and be Fit, Strong and Healthy

A healthy lifestyle and diet plan can certainly balance your hormones naturally.
Whether the imbalance is due to blood sugar resistance, unhealthy lifestyle choices or a pill-induced, with customized nutrition and lifestyle plan we will help you to balance your hormones naturally. Team Strong Healthy Women aims at changing your lifestyle and making you "Fit for Life, Not just for One Season!" For instance, the Balance Hormones Plan comprises of tracking down your eating patterns, day to day activity, exercise and stamina, while taking care of, your work and sleep hours, which is far beyond measuring weight all the time. Most importantly, you will really enjoy following this plan and you will achieve sustainable change. Here, we do consider any of your specific medical concerns and lifestyle necessities. Therefore, you may leave all of your worries to us! Besides, you will feel healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before. Rather than just losing weight.




Consultation and Plans to be healthiest you

Puneet has worked with clients from all walks of life and of all ages: be it a businesswoman or a homemaker, teenage girls or teenage boys, young and older adults. With her right guidance, women in over 15 countries have regained health while toning their physique and balancing hormones at the same time. They are able to manage work and family without being exhausted. She strongly believes that the word “diet” does NOT mean starvation. Yes, they do eat all the three main meals as well as snacks, in the right proportions thereby having a sustainable change.

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