As an athlete, your health is of prime importance – strength, skill and endurance – all matters. Every single sport demands an additional supply of nutrients in order to build stamina and to recover speedily.

At Strong Healthy Women, we customize plans for athletes with the perfect combination of balanced, nutrient-rich diet and relaxation techniques best suited for your goals be it performance or physique oriented, depending upon:

  • The kind of sport
  • The amount of training you do
  • Various time intervals of training per day
  • Guidance on when to eat as it is even more important than knowing what to eat!

Your detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan will also include how to best refuel pre and post-game while explaining how your digestion works and strategize to fuel you right during the competition.

All Plans are made after
Complete health history analysis and evaluation while understanding your food habits and lifestyle routine.
Guidance on the necessary lifestyle changes to be made.
Customized food and lifestyle plan as per your goals
Customised workout- anywhere, anytime (3 and 6 months plan)
Coaching as per on your goals, issues and queries.
Weekly follow-ups to analyze your progress and make modifications accordingly.
Cooking guidelines, thorough eating out guide, ayurvedic tips for better health

We take weekly follow-ups to access your progress and update your plan according

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Consultation and Plans to be healthiest you

Puneet has worked with clients from all walks of life and of all ages: be it a businesswoman or a homemaker, teenage girls or teenage boys, young and older adults. With her right guidance, women in over 15 countries have regained health while toning their physique and balancing hormones at the same time. They are able to manage work and family without being exhausted. She strongly believes that the word “diet” does NOT mean starvation. Yes, they do eat all the three main meals as well as snacks, in the right proportions thereby having a sustainable change.

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