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Strong Healthy Women aims at giving You the right nutrition for your overall wellness – mind, body and soul – by providing You Customized Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan according to Your individual goals.

Why Choose Us?

Team Strong Healthy Women aims at changing your lifestyle and making you ‘Fit for Life, Not just for One Season!’. Our plans help You to gain Better Health along with Losing Weight while preserving Your Muscle Mass.

  • Personalized Programs
  • Safe and Effective
  • Feel Healthier, Enjoy Life!

Personalized Meal Plans

We handpick the best coaches and health experts from across the country to make sure you get the most personalized health person.

Weight/ Fat Loss Diet

At Strong Healthy Women, we help you to lose weight without Compromising your Health!

Thyroid Management

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that produces T3 & T4 hormones which influence various critical functions of the body such as metabolism, physical and mental development.

PCOS/PCOD & Hormonal imbalance

Nowadays, our lifestyle patterns have begun to ruin our health. One of the like lifestyle condition that has created chaos in women’s health is PCOD/PCOS

Postnatal/ Post Pregnancy Diet

The time when ample NUTRIENTS are required
to meet the baby’s needs along with yours. You may desire to lose weight post-delivery but it’s necessary to be patient enough so that your baby gets the RIGHT nutrition in her/his crucial growing stage.

Balanced Nutritious meals

Take Your First Step
Towards a Healthier Life

Healthy and tasty foods with natural ingredients”- For healthy weight loss, we provide easy to follow perfectly balanced customized plans with easy-to-prep meals. All the plans are personalised with the healthier version of foods that you are fond of! We encourage mindful eating by building a healthier relationship with food and you.

  • Improve Health
  • Better Strength and Energy
  • Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels
  • NO More Cravings
  • NO More Bloating
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners or Flavours
Be Better Version of Yourself

Do you struggle
with any of the following

  • Losing weight/fat
  • Bad relationship with fitness
  • Inconsistent with nutritions meals
  • Binge eating
  • Unhappy with your physique
  • Bad relationship with food dieting

Have you tried everything out there
but nothing seems to work?

Well, DON’T YOU DARE think about giving up.

Hi, I am Puneet and I believe to give in 100%

My goal is to not only assist you to lose weight but, also to attain better health. At Strong Healthy Women, we understand that there is no UNIVERSAL DIET’ that canhelp every one… So, all of our plans are customized as per what is best for your body!

What our Clients Say !

You will be surprised what the right nutrition can do for you!.It not only nourishes, but also provides recovery to the body.

Sanjoo Saini

I am thankful to Puneet for giving me constant motivation while I was following the 3 months Fitness plan. I got used to the plan within a week. The diet was Everyday food nothing fancy or expensive. Also this plan motivated me to cook daily. Now my skin is good and 80% of acne is gone. I lost 6kgs and 4inches from waist. I feel much more energetic now. Thanks for guiding me that I don't have to eat less but eat right nutritious food.

Vaishali Bhandawat

After starting the plan I never felt like I was hungry....gradually all my cravings are gone....I have a sweet tooth but from last 6 months I don't crave for sugar... if you want a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet then you should go for it because she will give you best plans and challenging exercise schedule to push your limits.  

Kirti Singh

I started my fitness journey in Jan2020. My energy level increased and my skin is glowing from within. My periods are normal, No pain and uneasiness at all. I have learned the right way of eating and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kirti Singh

Anu Ghadge

I was going through PCOS since the last 10 years. Thank you Puneet di for your PCOS plan. I can see an improvement in my overall health. now I don't suffer from mood swings, have lost inches and my energy levels are high. I don't feel low, less hair growth on the chin area, regular periods.

Anu Ghadge

Diksha Sharma

Coming across Strong Healthy Women for my weight loss journey has been one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. People like me need a push, and Puneet always kept motivating me. Gradually from the focus of losing weight, my focus shifted to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Diksha Sharma


Puneet works with great zeal. She’s really motivating. After every session with her, I always felt positive and uplifted. I highly recommend Strong Healthy Women and am really glad I’ve had her to educate and support me throughout the last 5 years



Puneet’s plan has 100% positively changed my life. I am so joyful to follow all the healthy practices now. All this will definitely work throughout my life. Always grateful that I had the chance to have a customized health plan from Its Health Moms



Strong Healthy Women has helped me to have the body I always wanted! One of the great things about Puneet is that she always answers all of the queries. I now feel more empowered to be able to make the right choices in regards to my food


Haasini V

I have good inch loss and an increase in metabolism. The thyroid mood swings have been controlled and better now. Overall good inch loss. Thank you for all your support and guidance due to which I'm able to achieve my goals and able to manage stress and hormonal balance

Haasini V

Sudha Goswami

Strong Healthy Women diet plan has been the best plan I followed as there has been visible inch loss without starving that too without having any fancy foods. Apart from this, I have felt a lot more energy in me compared to before starting the plan.

Sudha Goswami

Neha Singh

Thank you for always motivating and guiding me on my fitness journey. Now I know that the real wealth is my health.

Neha Singh
Be Healthiest You

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