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testimonialsAkansha has lost 18 kg and is a Mom of 2 children

“I’ve seen Puneet on and off for 7 years now. I started with Its Healthy Moms when I first came to Sydney. At that time I had been overweight and couldn’t work out from where to start. Puneet made me understand how much servings I should be consuming in the day. Also, I learned how to plan my day ahead so that I was prepared for party nights out. Even till today, I know the importance of having healthy snacks. What instantly made me click with Puneet was that she took into account that, 7 years back I was a single, sociable person. She customized an eating plan just to fit right around my lifestyle at that time.

I was 79 kg back then. Lost 15kg to reach my goal weight of 64 kg over the period of 7 months. Then, I got married and travelled to Berlin with my husband. While at Berlin, I was able to maintain my weight.

Fast forward 7 years and 2 pregnancies

A thorough checking in with Its Healthy Moms during and after pregnancies I am 61 kg now. Never thought this will ever happen!

Again Puneet customized my prenatal and postnatal plans to go with my lifestyle. I had just the right amount of weight gain during my pregnancy (13kg) and delivered a healthy 3.4kg baby. The key for me is planning ahead, instead of grabbing whatever is near at hand while I’m on the run. Puneet exceptionally guided me on how to be organized along with 2 kids, to make sure my nutrition needs are met. Not only that, even my family enjoys this plan!

Puneet works with a great zeal. She’s really motivating. After every session with her, I always felt positive and uplifted. I highly recommend Its Healthy Moms and am really glad I’ve had her to educate and support me throughout these last 7 years.”

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testimonials - Its healthy Moms

Vaishali, balanced hormones in 6 months

VAISHALI is a working women with a very hectic schedule. For her it has been more of a journey to manage stress while losing fat. The right diet has not only helped her to overcome stress, but also reverse PCOS symptoms while balancing hormones. When she joined her major issue was, “I have taken a number of diet plans before and couldn’t STICK to any of those!”

Vaishali’s experience with Its Healthy Moms

“When I joined its healthy moms I was very skeptical as I have never joined anything online… After having a chat with Puneet, it felt right to join so I joined when she sent me my diet plan and exercise routine I was very shocked because it doesn’t looked like I was dieting, the kind of food she has added were great… I am the one who goes to kitchen every 10 min but I stopped doing that…. After starting the plan I never felt like I was hungry…. gradually all my cravings are gone….I have a sweet tooth but from last 6 months I haven’t eaten white sugar and I don’t crave for it…if you want a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet then you should go for it because she will give you best plans and challenging exercise schedule to push your limits.”

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Sanjoo, aged 36 – 4 inches lost from waist in 3 months

I am thankful to Puneet for giving me constant motivation while I was following the 3 months Fitness plan. I got used to the plan within a week. The diet was Everyday food nothing fancy or expensive. I also got motivated to cook daily. Now my skin is good and 80% of acne is gone. I lost 6kgs and 4inches. I feel much more energetic now. Thanks for guiding me that I don’t have to eat less but eat right nutritious food.



Urmi, aged 37 – came out of depression with right diet

Hi guys! My name is Urmi and here is my feedback regarding my journey. I was going through depression and yes diet has helped me to overcome it. It was more than a year feeling those blues. I began to see a therapist as well as psychiatrist. The sessions and medicines were doing their part. Yes they helped, however I wasn’t at ease. I felt there was something that I need to change.

I realized I need to change my lifestyle. Luckily I came across Its Healthy Moms on Instagram. I felt this is what I should go for. Puneet always listened me vary patiently and thoroughly. She made my plan in such a way that my hormones are balanced. Within 15 days, I could notice that I am more active all through the day. Prior to the plan I used to feel really lethargic and just couldn’t do anything. Even my negative thoughts are now changed to the positive ones. Puneet also counselled me all this time. I’m very grateful for that. Thank you!


Anaya 33 years, lost 19kgs, 7 months

“When I first enrolled for the plan with Puneet, I was at the heaviest I could have ever been. My weight was 71 Kgs before starting the plan. All I wanted was to wear my favorite clothes. I had tried many different diets before that not at all worked for me as none of them were long-lasting. I was at an absolute loss as I gained even more than before. Now, I was looking for help miserably. When I went through the Instagram page of Its Healthy Moms, a lot of my doubts about weight loss were getting clear. So, I booked a call session with Puneet. After speaking to her, I came to know what exactly I was doing wrong and why I was losing my health.” She said.

Anaya’s experience with Its Healthy Moms

“Puneet coached me how to live a comfortable life. She also helped me to set boundaries with my eating. I felt always active while following the plan. This all happened while I was enjoying to eat out once a week. Just by making minor changes to my lifestyle as suggested by Puneet, perpetually I am feeling better day by day. I am able to continue my life smoothly. Even while following the plan, I used to go to friend and family gatherings and enjoy my meals happily without any guilt. It’s amazing, Isn’t it?” She said

I have lost 19 kilos in only 7 months without starving myself. Furthermore, my skin glows and now I have started looking much younger. Puneet’s plan has 100% positively changed my life. I am so joyful to follow all the healthy practices now. All this will definitely work throughout my life. Always grateful that I had the chance to have a customized health plan from Its Health Moms.”


Dhani testimonials


Dhani, aged 31 Lost 7kgs, 3 months

“Following Puneet’s nutrition and health plan has completely blown me out. She modified and customized the plan according to my likes and dislikes. Really happy that I have lost the fat and inches I always wanted to lose. That’s also without stepping foot in a gym. Besides I have also got extra energy and I feel much more healthier overall now. Its Healthy Moms has helped me to have the body I always wanted! One of the great things about Puneet is that she always answers all of the queries. I now feel more empowered to be able to make the right choices in regards to my food to ensure that I keep my new physique.”



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