Puneet Kaur in News and Media

puneet kaur in news and media

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Puneet Kaur Chhabra, Founder and CEO of Its Healthy Moms – an online Diet, Nutrition Consultancy and Health Coaching platform.

“Healthy Mom Healthy Family” – is the notion behind Puneet Kaur Chhabra’s brand, ‘Its Healthy Moms’. Click to read more!

Celeb Nutritionist Puneet Kaur Chhabra Reveals Nutritional Benefits for Weight Loss, Diabetes and Overall Health

Puneet Kaur Chhabra sets the record straight, she explains “A health coach is a supportive wellness authority who takes into consideration your mindset, career, relationships and lifestyle as they guide you to make strategic nutritional choices and informed health decisions.” Click to read more!


How @itshealthymoms plans empower people to take full responsibility for their health and enjoy their life at the same time. One’s physical health is deeply intertwined with every facet of a person’s life: relationships, mindset, spirituality, and much more. Click to read more!

Choose the Right Modality to Reach Your Wellness Goals with Its Healthy Moms

There’s been a real shift for the better as we all know the importance of building mind and body fitness as a key to boosting our immunity, building strength, and maintaining optimum mental and physical health. But we all have trouble making healthy habits stick or simply just make time for a simple 20-minute exercise that our body requires. Click to read more!

Puneet Kaur, a Prodigy in Roller Skating

Its Healthy Moms is now featured in another media publication. Puneet Kaur’s journey as a sportsperson played a paramount role in the foundation of this venture. Above all, she shares her health and fitness journey from being a Silver Medalist at the 42nd National Championship, RSFI. Moreover she is now among one of the most successful Health coach. Click to read more!

The Story of an Athlete, Puneet Kaur

Puneet Kaur, now a mother and CEO of Its Healthy Moms, an online Diet, Nutrition Consultancy, and Health Coaching platform. She is a Diet, Nutrition, and Health Life Coach as well as wellness blogger. This article highlights how Puneet began Roller Skating as a hobby at her school Sacred Heart Convent School. It was the summer of 1996 which marked the beginning of her Health and Fitness journey. Click to read more!

Puneet Kaur in News and Media

Puneet won 2 medals in 1997, and since then year after year, she brought back medals and trophies, winning in the state district as well as national level competitions. She won her first National Silver Medal organized by the Roller Skating Federation of India, RSFI, in 2004 when she was in 10th standard. In the competition, she represented Punjab at the 42ND National Championship that took place in Faridabad, Haryana. “I used to get a lot of injuries, arm, knee, ankle, and what not but I could never give up on skating,” she said.

This journey has laid the foundation for the brand Its Healthy Moms. Click to read more!

puneet kaur in news and media

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puneet kaur in news and media