Pre Wedding Diet

Ah, that day is finally coming! The most exciting, nevertheless the most daunting phase in a lady’s life. It is D-day where she wishes to shine out as her best version. However, the months leading up to this big day are often stressful ones. First of all, you want that best wedding hall. Then selecting that best bridal apparel, the bride goes through a lot of stress. And there is that pressure, to look stunning in every photo. Then not to forget the anxiety that’s going around. Most importantly, along with all this, the bride is always expected to look charming, glowing and radiant all the time. Besides, not many know this, more than beauty products, it is the food you eat which can aid you to achieve the best glowing skin ever.

pre wedding diet

Team Its Healthy Moms aims at changing your lifestyle and making you ‘Fit for Life, Not just for One Season!’. The Consultation comprises of tracking down your eating patterns, day to day activity, exercise and stamina. While taking care of, your work and sleep hours, which is far beyond measuring weight all the time. Most importantly, you will really enjoy following this plan. Because you will be achieving a sustainable change. Here, we do consider any of your specific medical concerns and lifestyle necessities. Therefore, you may leave all of your worries to us! Besides, you will feel more healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before. Right before your wedding, we will guide you with not only the best nutrition but also the best activities that you may go for.

pre wedding diet

Pre-wedding diet plan for brides-to-be:-

For 1 month, INR 6975

For 3 months – INR 11,275

and for 6 months or 24 weeks, INR 17,375

Our 1 month/ 3 months/ 6 months Pre-Wedding Diet, Nutrition and Health Plan includes the following:

Complete health history analysis and evaluation to understand your food habits and lifestyle routine.
Guidance on the necessary lifestyle changes to be made.
Coaching as per on your goals, issues and queries.
Customized food and lifestyle plan as per your goals.
Weekly follow-ups to analyze your progress and make modifications accordingly.
Cooking guidelines, thorough eating out guide, ayurvedic tips for better health.

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