Our present-day lifestyle patterns have started to take an enormous toll on our health. And, one such lifestyle condition that clenches women is PCOS/ PCOD. Because bad lifestyle, stress and low activity levels creates a hormonal imbalance. As a result, 1 out of 10 women suffer from this lifestyle disease. Because women suffering from PCOS just cannot lose weight by simply dieting or taking medicines, we guide them how to reverse their pcos/ pcod just through the power of having right food.

Team Its Healthy Moms aims at changing your lifestyle and making you ‘Fit for Life, Not just for One Season!’. For instance, the Reverse PCOS/ PCOD Plan comprises of tracking down your eating patterns, day to day activity, exercise and stamina. While taking care of, your work and sleep hours, which is far beyond measuring weight all the time. Most importantly, you will really enjoy following this plan. Because you will be achieving a sustainable change. Here, we do consider any of your specific medical concerns and lifestyle necessities. Therefore, you may leave all of your worries to us! Besides, you will feel more healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before. Rather than just losing weight.

pcos/ pcod

Hormonal Balance and Reverse PCOS/ PCOD Plan

For 6 weeks REVERSE PCOS Fitness Plan, INR 8,397

For 3 months – INR 12,987

and for 6 months or 24 weeks, INR 21,897 comprising of:-

  • Personalized healthy eating plan given by Puneet Kaur Chhabra!
  • Follow up every 7 days, WhatsApp chat support 24*7
  • Changes in diet according to the progress
  • Workout guidance (for 3 and 6 months plan)
  • Customized 30 minutes workout- do it anywhere, anytime (for 3 and 6 months plan)
  • Appropriate changes to be made in the lifestyle
  • Ayurvedic Remedies(for 6 months plan)
  • Counselling for health management and lifestyle modification in future at the end of the package (for 6 months plan).
  • We will educate you about how food affects your health, fitness and productivity (for 6 months plan).


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