Consultation on the Best Lifestyle Modifications to be made along with the Diet Plan!


Weight is just a number and not the final deciding factor of your overall health. Our body’s weight comprises of each and everything within us. This includes bones, blood, cells, organs, tissues, muscles, fat, water, etc. So tracking your health progress merely in terms of weight can be super misleading. This is because we must intend to achieve the right composition of fat and muscle in our body.

You will be surprised what the right nutrition can do for you!. It not only nourishes, but also provides recovery to the body. And, it also gives boost to your overall health and well-being, while strengthening your gut, digestive system, immune system.

No doubt that food is our best medicine. So consider food as the source of nourishment and not just mere calories and taste!

How do we provide 1 on 1 Coaching and Consultation

Its Healthy Moms is an online Diet, Nutrition Consultancy and Health Coaching platform. We make sure that individuals ought to make the most of ITS HEALTHY MOMS’s Health and Wellness Plans while orchestrating conventional food sources and modern nutritional science.

Team Its Healthy Moms aims at changing your lifestyle and making you ‘Fit for Life, Not just for One Season!’. We don’t believe in a quick 10 minute consultation, hand you a random plan and send you away. However, we emphasize on providing coaching on a pleasant and friendly relationship with our clients and hear them well so that they leave empowered and satisfied.

The Consultation comprises of tracking down your eating patterns, day to day activity, exercise and stamina. While taking care of, your work and sleep hours, which is far beyond measuring weight all the time. Most importantly, you will really enjoy following this plan. Because you will be achieving a sustainable change. Here, we do consider any of your specific medical concerns and lifestyle necessities. Therefore, you may leave all of your worries to us! Besides, you will feel more healthier, stronger and fitter than ever before. Rather than just losing weight.


Our 6 weeks/ 3 months/ 6 months program and consultation includes the following:


Complete health history analysis and evaluation to understand your food habits and lifestyle routine.
Coaching as per on your goals, issues and queries.
Guidance on the necessary lifestyle changes to be made.
Customized food and lifestyle plan as per your goals. 
Customized 30 minutes workout- do it anywhere, anytime. 
Weekly follow-ups to analyze your progress and make modifications accordingly.
Cooking guidelines, thorough eating out guide, ayurvedic tips for better health.

We believe that at least 3 months are necessary for the body to habituate to new changes and feel the visible difference.

Fat/ Weight Loss Plan


Consultation for Pre-Natal/ Pregnancy Nutrition

Every women’s pregnancy is unique and at the same time one of the most marvelous journey she goes through. This is the most challenging and at the same time the most gratifying phase in a woman’s life. This is the period when your body changes every other day.

The mom-to-be calls for that extra love, care and nourishment as she is nurturing a new life within herself. These 9 months are vital for both, the fetus and mom-to-be. At Its Healthy Moms, we help you to sail through these crucial 9 months comfortably and smoothly. Subsequently this ensures the necessary milk production to nourish your new born.

Pre-Natal Health and Nutrition Plan includes:
  • All essential nutrients
  • All essential supplements
  • Healthy and optimal weight gain
  • How can you stay active during pregnancy
  • Things you need to avoid during your particular trimesters.

PCOS/ PCOD and Hormonal Imbalances

The essence of a woman not only lies in her natural beauty or curvy body, but also in her heart. It is her hormones that make her the woman that she is. The way hormones function, it influences the communication betwixt the brain, glands as well as various organs of the body. Any sort of hormonal imbalance can exhibit unpleasant minor symptoms like mood swings, skin problems, hair issues, fatigue, lethargy, low appetite and major symptoms like depression, infertility. All this can really rob a lady from herself during any phase of womanhood.
However, all of this can certainly be cured with right nourishment. This not only means to eat right, but also to make necessary lifestyle changes in order to nourish your mind, body and soul.

At Its Healthy Moms, we customize Overall Health and Fitness Plan to balance hormones naturally without any pills, that eventually helps to reverse PCOS/ PCOD.

Reverse PCOS/ PCOD and Balance Hormones Naturally

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