About Strong Healthy Women

Puneet Kaur Chhabra is the Founder and CEO of ‘Strong Healthy Women’. She is a Diet, Nutrition and Health Life Coach and a Lifestyle Changer. Currently, She is enjoying her 30’s gracefully. She strongly believes that the word ‘diet’ does NOT mean starvation. Hence, our diet plans include all the nutrition required by Your body along with balanced meals.

You know what, she is DONE with all the claptrap diets and the fitness nonsense out there!

How The Journey – Strong Healthy Women Began!

Especially after becoming a mother, she learned diligently that how important it was for her to get healthy and be fit. The most important thing she learned during her journey was that, “if you feel it will work out, you see more and more opportunities. And, if you start believing it won’t, you see obstacles”. And one more thing, always ignore the haters, doubters and unhealthy examples! Keeping this in mind, gradually she started making the progress with her health and fitness. People around started to notice this and many came to her for the tips to do so. It was then that she started studying about health and nutrition. So that, she could guide and help better through the power of food! Hence, beginning her journey into the world of Health and Fitness Consultancy.

From that very point, she has helped hundreds of women across the globe. Thus making every woman more healthier just with the means of a balanced and nutritious diet. Now all these women are clear in connection with any misconceptions regarding the word “Diet”. And, how eating right food can change their lives!

The brand Its Healthy Moms came to existence which totally believes that one must ditch crash diets. Today people still believe that dieting and eating healthy means “eating salads” or “drinking juices”. But, this is not the case. One can enjoy loads of traditional delicacies while staying fit.

Founder - Strong Healthy Women - Puneet Kaur Chhabra

Meet Puneet Kaur Chhabra

“Founder – Strong Healthy Women”

Puneet Kaur Chhabra is very passionate about the health and wellness of a mother. She is also an author at Its Healthy Moms. She is a mom and an army wife. “From the time I conceived I faced new challenges at every stage. It was all about taking care of the family and my son, keeping myself as the last priority. Gradually I realized that only if I am healthy, my family is healthy. As it’s only when you keep yourself healthy, only then you can help and be with your children in the best possible way. So, be that mom who never gives up despite all the struggles.”

Puneet Kaur Chhabra, Founder Strong Healthy Women

At Strong Healthy Women

You will not only lose weight but, also be fit and healthy for your overall wellness. Here we follow proven practices and make getting healthy and fit enjoyable, easy and habitual. The secret to attain the overall health and wellness is cultivating a set of healthy practices and daily routine that you actually like and love. Moving towards a healthy lifestyle is the only way to stay fit, strong and healthy everlasting, even in your old age. Here at ‘its healthy moms’, just by making simple lifestyle changes, one can take care of one whole self, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This includes positive attitude and the quality of nourishment we give to our bodies as well.

You, as a user, are really important to us! We are dedicated to assist you to lead a healthier lifestyle, no matter what challenges we face together on the journey of a more fitter version of you!

The name of the site include ‘moms’ because healthy moms will lead to a healthy family. Almost all of us neglect ourselves, being busy with our families, children and work. Its Healthy Moms is all about taking care of Yourself as it is very much part of taking care of Your Family. The posts over here serve as a collection of my daily life experiences and also the innovative ways that I have found to use the natural products.

Its Healthy Moms aims to encourage and empower especially all the moms to self discipline their lifestyle and self control their health. Might sound impossible for few but, we are here to make it possible!

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